Jessie Hsu,

In 2013, after spending seven years honing her craft as hair colorist, Jessie Hsu decided to leave her then salon to work alongside some the most talented colorists in the industry at the Marie Robinson Salon. Since joining, and before earning a chair of her own, Jessie was under the tutelage of Marie Robinson and her team of expert colorists, working on the salon’s celebrity and fashion set clientele.

As a brunette, she understands the challenge of finding the balance between warm and cool tones in hair. With a strong foundation in color formulation and an ability to distinguish nuances, she can prevent and control undesirable warmth “brass” without over-toning and dulling out bright, and light-catching strands.

Jessie has a knack for capturing clients’ personal style and palette when customizing their hair color. Adept at foiling and balayage, she knows which process is ideal for which hair type and texture to achieve the best end result—all while preserving the integrity of the hair.

Her artful eye, strong technical expertise and exceptional customer service make her a strong addition to Marie Robinson’s team of most sought-after colorists in NYC and Miami.

Call 212-358-7780 to book a color appointment with Jessie at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York, or 786-409-4186 for an appointment at the Marie Robinson Salon in Miami.