Angela Haight,

Colorist and hair color correction artist Angela Haight began her career under the mentorship of world-renowned colorist Marie Robinson and balayage expert Amy Huson. The two taught her everything she knows about color and the art of hair painting—from creating rich chocolate browns to beachy blondes and natural reds.

Now an up-and-coming celebrity hair colorist, Angela’s talents have grabbed the attention of several high-profile names including Meghan Fox, Julianne Moore, Mariska Hargitay, Jennifer Connelly, and Jules Asner.

With a marked focus on each client’s real pigmentation, Angela enhances rather than changes their hair color to create looks that are both natural and fresh. Her detail-oriented nature only adds to her status as a color correction artist: she has the patience and precision required to accurately fix the color and integrity of the hair. And to top it off, Angela also specializes in coloring hair extensions and wigs.

Angela joined the Marie Robinson Salon as a colorist in 2013.

Call 212-358-7780 to book a color appointment with Angela today at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York, or 786-409-4186 for an appointment at the Marie Robinson Salon in Miami.