Laurie Daniel,

Laurie Daniel is a renowned colorist and one of New York’s most sought-after blonde hair specialists. Her mastery of the craft emerged from a lifelong passion for blond hair coloring, which, over the years, has captured the attention of top beauty and fashion editors alike.

Laurie’s roster of big-name stars includes the likes of Nicole Kidman, Carmen Ejogo, and several models. Her work has also been featured in the Allure directory, Marie Claire, Nylon, Gotham, Town & Country, as well as on MTV, E! News, and the Today Show. And her expertise isn’t just limited to blondes: her work on redheads has been showcased in New York Magazine. In fact, Laurie customizes her various techniques to create her signature blondes, as well as fiery reds and deep chocolate browns.

Laurie’s warm, down-to-earth personality, her dedication to caring for the health of her clients’ hair, and her superior skillset have made her one of the most valued resources in the industry.

Laurie joined the Marie Robinson Salon as a hair colorist in 2016, and offers her services in both the New York and Miami locations.

Call 212-358-7780 to book a color appointment with Laurie at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York, or 786-409-4186 for an appointment at the Marie Robinson Salon in Miami.