Get the purr-fect cat eye

Nothing looks chicer than a perfectly executed cat eye. While it’s a look that may seem daunting to a newbie, the following makeup tips prove it’s actually quite simple to do. Makeup artist Joette Balsamo suggests following these 5 easy steps and within no time, you’ll be flicking up your eyeliner like a pro.

  1. Apply an eyeshadow primer to the entire lid in a light skin colored tone, followed by a light pastel shadow in a beige or cool tone. Light, neutral pastel shadows offset the hard lines of the cat eye and keep it looking feminine.
  1. For beginners, start off with a black pencil to create a “base-line” along the upper lash line. Pencil is easier to control than liquid and mistakes can be blended out. Glide the pencil along the upper lash line from inner corner to outer widening as you go.
  1. Now that you have a solid base, you can define and create the flick over it with a liquid liner pen or a cream liner with a pointed brush.
  1. Place your finger at the end of the eyebrow and trace it down towards end of your eye. This is where your upward “flick” should start. With your pen or liner brush draw a line stemming out from your base line. Now, draw a line from the top of that towards the base line.
  1. Connect your flicks to the base line by gliding the pen or brush along the lash line.
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