Replenish summer-damaged hair

As we enter fall and reminisce about summer days spent at the beach, outdoor festivals, poolside, etc., many of us may have one very unpleasant reminder of those otherwise very pleasant days: damaged hair. While we enjoy the beautiful weather and all that the season has to offer, summer’s harsh elements unfortunately can wreak havoc on our locks. Thankfully, stylist Jessica Gillin has an arsenal of helpful hair tips to get those strands back into shape.

First and foremost? Get a trim! “Hair is dry from the sun, ocean, and pool. Getting rid of the split ends that come as a result of that exposure will lead to healthy hair and prevent further damage from happening,” says Jessica.

For those of us who have blonde or lighter brown hair, you might be left with the dreaded green hue to your otherwise gorgeous color. “Hair can get a greenish tint from chlorine, and well water that is typical in vacation homes can also turn hair green. Most salons offer treatments to strip out the green. Ours is called a ‘pre-art’ treatment and entails sitting for 10 to 30 minutes under heat with the treatment in your hair. Afterwards, during the shampoo, your hair will be rung out like a towel and you can actually see all of the green coming out!”

Last but certainly not least, condition, condition, condition! “Investing in a good treatment is a wise way to get your hair back into shape. Oribe’s signature moisture masque is an amazing weekly treatment. Keratin and hydrolyzed keratin strengthen damaged hair and protect the surface. Together they penetrate the hair cortex to maintain strength and prevent further UV damage.”


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