Great Lengths hair extensions

Change your look, thicken your tresses, and lengthen your locks with Great Lengths, 100% Remy human hair extensions at the Marie Robinson Salon. Book a consultation with one of several Great Length-certified hair stylists and let them help with color, length, style and thickness to create a look that is beautifully natural and totally unique to you.

Clip-in Extensions & Clip-on Bangs

Handcrafted from 100% human hair of the highest grade, the salon’s three-piece clip-in extension sets are custom-created to add instant volume, length, highlights, lowlights, and depth. Similarly, clip-on bangs are hand-designed to match your texture, color and the shape of your face. Easy to use in minutes, you just clip them on and go.

Professionally Handmade Wigs

The salon’s wig artist meticulously implants thousands of individual hairs onto a base of skin-colored mesh that blends into the skin, giving the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp. The hair can be parted anywhere and restyled in any way, exposing a completely natural looking hairline.

wig maintenance

To avoid irreversibly damaging your wig, we recommend dropping it in at the salon every 15-30 days for gentle cleaning and deep conditioning.

For Great Lengths human hair extensions, clip-on bangs or wigs, call 212-358-7780 to book a hair appointment at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York, or 786-409-4186 for an appointment at the Marie Robinson Salon in Miami.

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